Slivino Family Winery

Organic grapes grown on the slopes of the river Southern Bug.

Give us a call - we organize excursions, tastings and are always glad to see you!

+3 80938222148 (Molchanov Georgy - co-owner of wineries​​​​​​​)

Our awards

Every year we participate in tasting competitions - “Uwines Awards”, where professionals and amateurs choose the best Ukrainian wines.


Our achievements:


  • Cabernet 2017 (silver medal)
  • Chardonnay 2018 (Bronze Medal)
  • Riesling 2018 (bronze medal)

The first craft winery in Ukraine

The Molchanov family set up a family winery to produce local organic wines. In 2016 was the first harvest and the first wine. And in 2018, we granted the first license for craft winemakers in Ukraine, which was made possible by the new law of Andrew Vadatursky and Robert Govart.

Today we are laying an organic vineyard of 6 Hectares on the historic slopes of the Southern Bug River. We make quality Ukrainian wine!

Wine with a taste of history

In 1876, the pioneer of winemaking in the our region Anatoly Bredikhin (brother of a famous astronomer) establishes a vineyard and a winery, near the village of Petrovo-Solonikha on the river Southern Bug. It was the biggest chateau of that time. Inspired by this story, we in the same region built a winery in the style of the 19th century and named one of the our wine in honor of the old wine traditions. How our paths intertwined with Anatoly Bredikhin, we will tell you on a wine tour!


Hand-made grapes, a wooden press, and some magic - you can see the whole process of creating wine in the gallery.

Wine Tour

We invite you to visit the family "Slivino Winery" and learn how organic wines of the South of Ukraine are created. You will be able to find out the history of winemaking in our region, our sommelier will have a tasting, and the winemakers will tell you how it all began.


Отправляясь в Николаев, или двигаясь по трассе Одесса-Николаев, сделайте остановку в районе деревни Сливино. Семейная винодельня "Slivino Village" уже известна почитателям качественных натуральных сухих вин. Несколько из них уже имеют награды. Заранее связавшись с хозяйством, можно заказать дегустацию и попробовать 6 видов сухого вина под подобающую закуску. Цены и качество того, что вам предложат, однозначно порадуют