Prodol'naya street, 7, v. Slivino, Mykolaiv district

   Mon - Sun 10:00-20:00

Wine tourism

Wine tours are conducted by Georgiy Molchanov, who is the co-owner of the winery and assistant to the main winemaker - Mikhail Molchanov. In this way, guests will learn about the most important moments of production.

Excursion to wineries

The excursion begins where the vineyard. We will tell you about the traditions of growing grapes in the region, about our soils and climate, about the vine and grape varieties. You will learn what a terroir is and how it affects the taste and quality of wine.

Picturesque winery on the slopes of the Southern Bug

Together with you, in the fresh air, we will take a walk through the vineyard terraces, enjoying the magnificent view of the Southern Bug River.


Excursion to Slivino Wineries will allow you to see in stages all the processes of organic wine production, from the composition of the soil in the vineyards to the storage of wine in the cellar.


When the grape season begins, you will be able to see the process of turning grapes into wine, participate in the harvesting, crushing and spinning of grapes, see the fermentation process, and taste young wine.

Wine tasting

The tasting is conducted by Olga Molchanova - the chief sommelier.

You can try the entire range of Slivino Village wines, and also get information on how to taste the wine properly, the subtleties of determining the taste and aroma with which the dishes can be combined.